Robert Rohrer

Professional Summary

With 15+ years harnessing open source software solutions, I consult with clients to engineer web applications their audiences love to use. I extensively enjoy rapid development via the Drupal CMS framework, especially projects advancing applications such as organic groups/community building sites, GIS mapping, headless websites, 3rd-party API mashups, and commerce apps based on scalability.


Platform: Drupal/LAMP software developer - Linux, Apache, MySQL/Postgres, PHP, Perl
Languages/Services: JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, JSON/XML/SOAP/REST, Ruby, jQuery Mobile, HTML5, API's
Practiced Env: Agile, Git/Subversion, Vim, Bash
Frameworks/CMS: Symfony2, Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, RoR


  • Roaring Enterprises Software Consultant/Owner: LAMP/Drupal Developer
  • June, 2011 - Present
  •    Erie, CO
  • Lead developer on team of four, migrating to Drupal. Primary responsibilities entailed auditing PR's (pull requests) for merge, daily builds via profile/bash scripts, wrote custom modules to integrate WolframAlpha definition service with Elasticsearch, and created many other custom modules/solutions for NASA.
  • Architect of Drupal sites for U.S. Department of Energy - and
  • Developed w/ team of consultants a Drupal site for Energy Central, an organic group, community driven site to engage members by context
  • Construct architecture to allow infinite multi-sites controlled by single Drupal install. Code custom Drush scripts to automate creation of additional sites, quickly perform module updates and security upgrades, and implement database-driven features to upgrade (or rollback) across all sites
  • Migrated Comcast's ( Drupal website from v6 to v7, refactor main custom module to handle multiple subsites (100+ cities/markets of Comcast cable companies)
  • Architect of Tour Operator's custom Drupal admin to manage web content, schedule trips, client info, financial reports, scheduled reminders, and newsletters.
  • Enterprise PHP Scalability Performance via Apache, PHP configs, MySQL optimization
  • Develop, extend and administer Drupal sites modules and themes: both custom modules/themes and extensions on contributions
  • Experienced designing Drupal architecture using Drush, Services, Entity Relationships, Panels, Views, Rules, Organic Groups, Apache Solr, etc.

  • Caivis Aquisition: XL Marketing (ARG): Software Engineer
  • February, 2006 - April, 2011
  •    Boulder, CO
  • Created company's proprietary platform (LAMP-based MVC software architecture) with team executing core background logic in support of platform infrastructure and performance.
  • Implemented project that ended up multiplying past $50k/month to over $500k/month revenue via PHP validation scripts & Perl background events.
  • Constructed architecture of a PHP/Ajax/Javascript/HTML4 call center dashboard to pull real-time campaign-driven leads from surveys for immediate sales. Implemented module within company's framework, Active Marketing Platform (AMP).
  • Originated a diverse array of system admin pages, providing utilities to streamline and maximize production output.
  • After auditing instances of poor performance, created PHP fraud detection module to eliminate bloated media costs.
  • Fraud auditing project found insight for more PHP scripts to further enhance lead quality and increase sales revenue.
  • Designed PHP/Javascript architecture for multiple instances of AMP across business divisions (w/ preferred verticals).
  • Established company-wide PHP/MySQL test harness for production of surveys w/ debug output, increasing production.
  • Coded myriad of PHP/MySQL data qualification/validation functions empowering clients' goals, customizing surveys.
  • Constructed MySQL/XML analytical reports often showing increased user participation with each enhancement.

  • AeroGrow International, Inc: Web Master
  • July, 2004 - January, 2006
  •    Boulder, CO

  • Scripted interactive survey forms (PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML4) to collect pre-release consumer data.
  • Executed dynamic (PHP, XHTML) email campaign which tracked participants for AeroGrow to reward participants – tremendous success – over 40% invitees fully completed the 20 minute survey.
  • Generated data-analysis reports of pre-consumer collected data (PHP, XHTML) for national broker investors’ review.
  • Sparked national interest over AeroGrow fast plant growth vs. regular plant growth via Flash MX presentations (Action Script, Flash, PHP) embedding videos/advertisements on the AeroGrow website.
  • Programmed several different interactive, auto-responding sign-up forms (PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, XHTML, HTML4), aimed at four different target audiences - data used for participants with the online surveys.
  • Built out security minded, intranet of AeroGrow’s shared company data and web development environment (local Apache HTTP Server, JavaScript, PHP) and programmed off-premise authorization access (PHP).

  • International Com Discount Service (ICDS): Web Developer
  • September 2003 - May 2004
  •    Boulder, CO

  • Designed and compiled (XHTML, JSP, JavaScript) objectives for online prepaid cell phone cards
  • Deployed database (MySQL), programmed ecommerce scripts (first w/ Java, Servlets, JSP, then translated to MySQL/PERL/PHP) to auto-complete customer transactions in payment & fulfillment.
  • Designed and scripted utility (Servlets/JSP, XML, XSLT) to calculate rates based on user info.

  • VRwired: Co-founder/Developer
  • October 2000 - August 2003
  •    Boulder, CO

  • Produced, scripted, and enhanced object modeling and virtual panoramic imaging (JavaScript, XHTML, Adobe Photoshop) for companies including Restaurant Runners, Siamese Plate, HardCorps Sports Wear, Eldora Ski Resort, KBCO Kinetics, Apollo Park Lodge Vail, CO.


    • University of Colorado: International Affairs
    • 1993 - 1997
    •    Boulder, CO
    • University of Colorado: Certificate of Programming in Java
    • 2001 - 2003
    •    Boulder, CO

Robert Rohrer

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