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The following examples illustrate some of the front end functionality and design I've implemented in the past.
Drupal (6 & 7) Developed Sites that I've built, migrated, and/or revamped:
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NASA migration to Drupal
With overflowing insight, NASA saw the true benefits of revamping their websites so they could run with Drupal. I had the pleasure of helping them to migrate one of their main sites, science.nasa.gov (scheduled launch for July 4th, 2016). With exploration and finding the right information as a top priority of NASA, one of my main projects was to analyze and suit their needs with the most brilliant search engine for their site. After careful analysis and evaluation of Apache SOLR and also Google Custom Search Engine (CSE), Elasticsearch combined with the search definition service, Wolfram Alpha, was found to be the key combination. While SOLR was a close second fiddle, Google CSE was not up to par as it was found their definition service had been recently shut out to outside organizations, including paying firms. So as it turned out, this became a great opportunity to create a powerful custom module that would integrate Wolfram Alpha with a chosen search engine, namely Elasticsearch.
U.S. Dept of Energy: Drupal Websites (Most Recent Work) (+1 Drupal Site for Private Energy Company)
With a budget allocated from the U.S. Department of Energy, I recently consulted with the Colorado Energy Office's staff to innovate and create two different sites designated to reach the public and businesses. I engineered many custom solutions for their government staff to easily edit and update items in Drupal that often require more extensive knowledge.

Also of recent work, I consulted on a team for an energy company where I helped build a comprehensive publishing platform, a hybrid of similar cases with "The Economist" and Redhat Enterprises, in which the global energy publication outlet is combined with the power of a community driven (organic groups) site for energy professionals to seek news and collaborate as members.
Case study published on drupal.org
Similar to Acquia's multi-site setup for the "Warner Music Group", this case is in reflection of a multi-site domain setup that I built out for Gomster Sports Camps. Gomster needed me to architect a multi-site environment where unique URLs would load individual Gomsters Sports clients' websites. The platform also required a management system that grants permissions based on roles to perform tasks from the corporate backend dashboard. Not only is this setup relatively easy to maintain from a developer's role but easy to manage from a corporate role. Further, I was notified how intuitively easy it ended up being to manage each site from the individual sports camp owner's role. Individual owners were pleased to administer their own unique content and media along with the ability to choose from custom themes.

ComcastSpotlight.com via Drupal 7
This Drupal example illustrates a significantly customized migration I did for Comcast involving a refactor of their 7K+ line custom module to handle their 80+ independent markets. It incorporates a custom admin UI for each market to manage and choose what sections and views they want to publish on their particular sales sub-site.
XL Marketing was bought by Caivis Acquistions where I worked until 2011. I worked on team to create company's proprietary platform used for lead generation services, executing core background logic in support of the platform's infrastructure and performance. Croatian Groups (dynamically driven site via custom modules)
This promotional site features a custom module hooked into their corporate database to pull scheduled group trips. Created backend admin control panel to schedule/manage trips/travelers easily. Dynamic data is populated by choosing trips and dates. Another custom module pulls new splash logo each time hit refresh or another link is clicked. Below is the main site that I built for Croatian Guides which incorporates many of the same features.
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AeroGrow Survey via PHP, Javascript
Features some attentive, user-friendly Javascript functions to help guide survey-takers to share the most information possible and successfully reach the end of the questionaire.
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VRwired via Java, Javascript
Features cutting-edge tech (back then at least) that I and an associate implemented in 1999 - fun stuff!
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