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Since I've been involved with Drupal, most of the custom modules I've created are proprietary to clients. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to see some of the Drupal modules I've written.
The examples below show some code I've written for a few projects I implemented prior to 2010.

Lead Verifier Script
Purpose of this script is to call a verification service to validate user input via 3rd party API. LeadVerify is one of three verification services that I coded for XLMarketing to check user input and build quality scores (combination of all 3) in order to categorize "quality at price point" leads for advertisers.

Profit Maximizer/Monitor for Fulfillment of Leads Script
Purpose of this (Perl) script was two-fold. Main job is to make certain unique leads are available for every advertiser by keeping a pool of them for each one. If getting low, directs advertiser's script (other scripts I'd written) to mine for more and refill the pool. Second job is to monitor data exports and ensure that as many leads as advertiser will accept (daily cap) are delivered but not more than allowed (agreed to pay for) and alert tech team if any problems, therefore maximizing profit.

Dashboard for Call Centers Script
This was main script for a dashboard I built out on XLMarketing's custom MVC marketing platform back in 2009. The platorm is used primarily to host online surveys and generate leads. The dashboard I built is used by call centers to conduct their phone surveys in "drill down mode" after a user had answered positively to specific survey questions online (surveys via XLMarketing's platform).

For a real business example, say a user selected 'yes' to something like "Are you interested in pursuing your education?". With a positive answer, later in survey, user is presented with a more detailed question about education - perhaps about a particular institute. Say the user selected an interest in learning more about the University of Phoenix and continues on with the survey. A few minutes later the dashboard brings up the contact data of that user. The call center rep then clicks 'call' and the appropriate script (i.e. Univ of Phoenix) shows up on separate screen as a prompt for call center rep to follow. In dashboard, call center rep enters a disposition (i.e. qualified, not interested, answering machine, etc). Dashboard also takes into account where the survey taker lives so that it will not show the contact to call if the time zone indicates it is either too late or too early to be calling. Dashboard is also controlled by project manager at higher level (there may be many different offers to call users on) - that way the manager can designate a specific call center rep to call with only one or two different scripts.


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